Lava Shell Detox Massage



Lava Shells Detox Treatments


Lava Shells Glacial Detox Massage is the ultimate development in heat and ice therapy that targets two problem areas: the stomach and the legs. Tackling congestion problem areas (such as the small and large intestine), and stimulating the lymphatic system to encourage the body’s own natural purification. During the treatment the therapist uses one heated Lava Shell and two chilled Glacial Shells to massage the legs and stomach using long flowing movements. The combination of hot and cold pressure on sensory points, aids the breakdown of fatty tissues, stimulates a sluggish circulation, and moves uncomfortable build-up in the digestive system. Water retention is banished leaving customers feeling less bloated and with a flatter stomach almost instantly.

"I felt satisfyingly tired but ‘purified’, cleansed and light. My stomach was significantly flatter afterwards and my jeans were looser. This would be a great treatment before a party or a big event" - Glow

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